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Dovestory: DJ Whoo Kid 2003 Scratch Pad Interview

December 28th, 2010 |

Every now and then I run across my interviews via google search (“Sheepish Lordess of Chaos“) and tonight I found something I thought I’d lost… my interview (and first meeting) with DJ Whoo Kid from 2003.

This piece was done for issue 7 of RIME Magazine (Method Man cover), which I probably have somewhere in the stack of boxes still begging for a purge in my living room.

We connected via a friend of mine at the time who was on 50 Cent’s tour  - I was still in the great Pacific Northwest in ’03. We met up at Whoo Kid’s hotel lobby in downtown Seattle, talked for nearly an hour, and somehow stayed in touch ever since. Who would have thought that by 2009 I’d be working with him over at

Here’s the Scratch Pad feature… one of my favorite columns I ever did. I have some classic DJ’s (or deejays as my backpackery self always liked to write) in those columns, so I’ll have to pull more out!

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