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Dovestory: DJ Whoo Kid 2003 Scratch Pad Interview

December 28th, 2010 |

Every now and then I run across my interviews via google search (“Sheepish Lordess of Chaos“) and tonight I found something I thought I’d lost… my interview (and first meeting) with DJ Whoo Kid from 2003.

This piece was done for issue 7 of RIME Magazine (Method Man cover), which I probably have somewhere in the stack of boxes still begging for a purge in my living room.

We connected via a friend of mine at the time who was on 50 Cent’s tour  - I was still in the great Pacific Northwest in ’03. We met up at Whoo Kid’s hotel lobby in downtown Seattle, talked for nearly an hour, and somehow stayed in touch ever since. Who would have thought that by 2009 I’d be working with him over at

Here’s the Scratch Pad feature… one of my favorite columns I ever did. I have some classic DJ’s (or deejays as my backpackery self always liked to write) in those columns, so I’ll have to pull more out!

Read on…


Scratch Pad - Whetting The Wheels With DJ Whoo Kid

By Dove ~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~
Courtesy of RIME Magazine Issue 7

Company/Affiliations: owner of (marketing, artist development, distribution), co-owner (interviews, mixtapes, downloads), deejay for 50 Cent, co-owner Shadyville Movies DVD company (D-Block, Rewind)

First record you were really excited to buy: Pete Rock & CL Smooth, ‘T.R.O.Y.’ – that was my first deejay record I was really happy to get. That’s the only one I probably bought – the rest I lied to get. I used to lie like crazy to get free records from the labels.

Favorite digging spots: Hot Wax – they always have exclusive songs, and Beat Street got a big selection. On the low spots… I’m just too lazy to look for ‘em. I just steal from Stretch Armstrong’s library at his house.

Equipment in use: 1200’s, Techniques, Alesis Reverb – I never changed. I use Protools to do my mixtapes, because that’s the only way I can have interaction. Everything is all hooked up through computers – that’s why the cd’s are so hot, and they’re digitally mastered, cuz when you do it from a record it sounds horrible.

When I deejay I use playback machines, 1200’s. Ninety percent of the show is playback machines because they don’t want a record skipping, they want a perfect show. I’m mostly into distribution and mixtapes, so all that cutting and scratching… I’d rather cut checks.

Favorite event you’ve spun at: Club Heaven in Japan. It was my first show in Japan, and the biggest show in Japan. It was a skateboard company and Nas hosted it with Bravehearts. He kinda came late, but I still was the king of the show – everyone was going crazy over me because they had heard my mixtapes. Until he came I was the king.

The second biggest one was in Toronto. It was huge ass club – like 20,000 people. It was a Christmas party with Little X and like a million models. I deejayed the whole event.

DJ’s vs. Turntablists – what is your perspective? The way I look at it, more power to the cutting and scratching guys – but I see more money in the business aspect of the music. I probably get paid more than a cutting and scratching deejay due to the notoriety of my name. I’m more into marketing my name, so that every time you see the name on a flyer you’ll go to the show.

You don’t really see the cutting and scratching deejays rocking a lotta ill parties. When you’re dancing with a chick you don’t want to hear [scratching]. Regular people know who I am – I’m not into it for competition.

Favorite emcee to have on a mixtape: 50 Cent – not just because I’m with him – but I always thought he was the best emcee just because he is versatile and he changes his technique for every song. He doesn’t rhyme the same and he’s unpredictable. Eminem would be second.

Deejays or B-boys – who has the most dexterity? I could probably take my clothes off while I’m deejaying. If a B-boy took his clothes off he’d look crazy – haha! There’s really no comparison, because with a b-boy people are looking at his moves, but with a deejay the ears are what people are checking him out with. But like I said, I’ll take my clothes off faster than a b-boy could – I’ll be a butt naked deejay.

If you had to choose between your turntables and the last woman on earth, what would you pick? The last woman on earth. I can’t go a week without sex, I’ll go nuts. @#%$ that, my turntable ain’t givin me no ass!

What non-Hip Hop product would you most like to be named after you? Probably a Whoo Kid 2-Way. I can’t stop. I got an addiction – I keep using my 2-way forever. Or a Whoo Kid do-rag. I wear do-rags every fuckin day.

Favorite scratch or trick to perform: When I deejay clubs I just do crowd participation. I know how to rock a crowd – I’m booked all the way through November, so obviously they want me. I concentrate more on dealing with the stars in Hip Hop – I don’t just deal with rappers – I deal with movie stars and sports stars, and I use their resources to help me sell my cds.

I’m so busy, I don’t even have time to practice a scratch. Usually a scratching deejay has lot of time on their hands – they’re at home with their mother, relaxing, and they get up and cut all day. I wish I had that- I always had a job so I never had time to do that.

Most annoying deejay habit (aka stupid things that we will never catch you doing): If they play a fast song, and then all of a sudden they do a turbo boost to a slow song – especially when you’re at a club, you feel like going up there and shooting the guy in his head. Especially when they play N’Sync all night. I live in Hawaii – they drive me nuts over there. They’ll play Nas, then all of a sudden it’s ‘Bye Bye Bye’.

Current/upcoming projects: I’m constantly touring with 50, but then 50’s gotta work on his album in August, so then I’m going to be touring in Australia, Japan, and Paris. I got a new DVD called Fast Forward coming out, it’s not gonna be Rewind anymore. We got Jay-Z on the cover. More G-Unit mixtapes, my mixtapes.

I got a Shadyville comic book coming out – it’ll be some crazy sh*t – it’s not even gonna be drawings, it’s gonna be real life pictures. We take like a million pictures a day. It’ll come out in September when school starts most likely, so it’ll grab the kids. I got a clothing line too – Shadyville Clothing – it’s jerseys and stuff I’m gonna be selling online until it picks up.

Me and Russell Simmons are gonna be doing a marketing company, so we’ll see how that turns out. The way it looks I’m gonna be in the Sopranos in September – who knows where it’ll lead to. And I’m working on an MTV show, so don’t be surprised if you see a Whoo Kid show.

I’m also working on my album on Capitol Records, it’s called Double Glocks –working on that with Sha Money XL. Finally all the songs got cleared that I put out that got leaked that were illegal, so the Biggie and 50 song is gonna be on the P-Diddy album that I produced with Red Spyda, and the Tupac and 50 Cent song is gonna be on the Tupac compilation. Tupac’s mother isn’t suing me anymore for a million dollars, so that sounds great. The ‘PIMP’ remix I did with Snoop Dogg is going on something else.

Other than that, I’m just getting paid for no reason, pressing buttons on stage, chillin with G-Unit. Everything is going good – I’m just collecting money for no reason.

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